AEM Initialyzers helps you kick-start your AEM, provide best practices and implementation design patterns. It serves as a scalable and extendable base, scaffolding and accelerating your application development.


Our AEM Initialyzers can be used to bootstrap your digital marketing platform. Initialyzers consist of several tools and, reference implementations which can serve as a starting point for your Development and DevOps teams. The marketing and user experience teams can also use Initialyzer's as inspiration for providing business requirements or immediately start building experiences.



  • How to build scalable, modular and flexible application architecture

  • Continuous Integration & Delivery

  • Multiple teams, projects, dependencies

  • Best practices and patterns

  • Need to deliver quickly


Aem initialyzers offers

  • Rapid Application Development

  • Scalable application architecture

  • Reusable components

  • Business user friendly

  • Increased productivity


Value proposition

  • Time to market

  • High Quality

  • Development team training

Pricing summary

Everything that’s good comes with a price! Lucky for you, our packages are very competitive prices.

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Professional services Package

Included with Professional Services Engagement

  • AEM Application & Component Initialyzers

  • Infrastructure Automation including support for Continous Integration& Deployment (Chef, Vagrant, Docker)

  • Quality Engineering Automation (based on Robot Framework & Selenium)

  • Front-end project archetype (based on foundation)