AEM Initialyzer

AEM Initialyzer is a true Low to No-Code solution for Adobe AEM which enables marketing teams to build and deliver compelling experiences efficiently and quickly with little to no developer interaction.


AEM Initialyzer is an accelerator framework based on Adobe's Digital Foundation blueprint. It enables bootstrapping your AEM (on-premise or cloud services) and provides best practice and implementation design patterns. It can also serve as a scalable and extendable scaffolding to simplify your application development. AEM Initialyzer consist of over 30+ advance components, utilities and, frameworks for Blog, Events, Resource Center and much more. All teams including UX, Creative & Tech can leverage Initialyzer's to inspire business requirements, documentation patterns, create mockups or immediately start building experiences.



  • Finding Resources, Speed of Development, Cost

  • Keeping components up-to-date with newest AEM Features

  • Too many components, authoring chaos!

  • No best practices and patterns, multiple teams, projects

  • Disconnected UX, Design, Development teams


AEM Initialyzer offers

  • 30+ High Quality, Mature, Smart & Themeable Components

  • Starter Frameworks for Blog, Event Calendar, Resource Center and more

  • A Design System built with AEM

  • Infrastructure & QA Automation Framework

  • Regular Updates, Customizations & Support


Value proposition

  • 4x Faster Time to market

  • More than 50% Cost Savings

  • Intuitive Components and Ease of Authoring

  • Delightful End User Experience - Personalized, Localized, Accessible

  • Single Source of Truth for entire team including UX, Creative, Tech

Pricing summary

Everything that’s good comes with a price! Lucky for you, our packages are very competitive prices.

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Professional services Package

Included with Professional Services Engagement

  • AEM Initialyzer (components, utilities, frameworks)

  • Infrastructure Automation including support for Continous Integration& Deployment (Chef, Vagrant, Docker)

  • Quality Engineering Automation (based on Robot Framework & Selenium)

  • Front-end Project archetype (based on Bootstrap)