Initialyze Achieves Adobe Specialization: Adobe Experience Manager – Run & Operate

Jun 24th, 2020 | Mihir Mange

Today, Initialyze achieves Adobe Experience Manager Sites Run & Operate Specialization and becomes one of the few Adobe Specialized Partners to be granted this accolade.


Well, whats that?

Specialization is a stamp of approval from Adobe, earned by partners who have certified technical proficiency. Adobe Specialized partners are recognized by Adobe as the most highly skilled partners in the global Adobe partner ecosystem. They are measured on following:

Technical expertise

To become Specialized, a partner must reach a predetermined number of Adobe ACE certified employees.


Specialized partners must be able to implement solutions for which they are Specialized, while also meeting or exceeding customer expectations during implementation.

Customer success

Each year, Specialized partners submit three customer references for projects completed that year and participate in customer satisfaction surveys.

The Adobe Experience Manager Sites Run & Operate Specialization is awarded to Adobe Solution Partners who engage with an Adobe Experience Manager customer deployment once the project has reached the Run & Operate phase of the deployment. These partners will often handle all aspects of operating the digital marketing platform for the customer in a “managed services” or outsourced manner.

What this means to us?

We’re proud to earn this specialization and what this says about our Adobe Partnership and our level of expertise. Even more, to become specialized we’ve proven customer success (3+ positive customer references) and, company strength (12+ certifications)

And our clients?

We are grateful to our existing clients that helped us achieve this recognition.

Adobe sets a high bar to achieve this specialization and, we’ve crossed to the top with flying colors. If you want the best platform for your business to be implemented and managed by the most skilled partner you’ve found us!

Thank you Adobe!