Agile Delivery

Go Agile for a business that’s more flexible, responsive and competitive.

Agile Delivery Practice

Agile delivery helps businesses generate value effectively and efficiently. Our deep expertise in Agile means we can provide customer-centered rapid evaluations and enhancement of software products through an Agile design and iteration process.

Agile Process Setup

We work with your leadership to understand how Agile frameworks fit into your organization. After that, our Agile experts will help your program managers, delivery managers, and project managers set up Agile processes like Scrum, Kanban, XP, and Hybrid.

The process of setting up an Agile environment can include several steps such as:
- Identifying the goals and objectives of the Agile implementation
- Creating a plan for the implementation
- Training team members on Agile principles and practices
- Establishing roles and responsibilities for team members
- Setting up a system for tracking progress and measuring success
- Regularly reviewing and adjusting the process as needed

Data-Driven Delivery

Our Agile delivery team works with your senior leadership to help you choose the right metrics and design a system to gain insight into the agility of your organization, including portfolios, programs, projects, and people. Then, our Agile delivery experts will implement a metric gathering system.

Data-driven delivery can help teams to:
- Prioritize features and enhancements based on user feedback and usage data
- Identify and fix issues early on in the development process
- Validate assumptions and track progress towards goals
- Continuously improve the product by using data to inform decision making

Technical Agility

Being organizationally Agile is nothing without software products that have the technical agility to respond to your business and the market. We assess everything from your development pipeline, your code quality, frameworks, QA, and DevOps to see how they align with your overall Agile strategy.

Technical agility is achieved through the use of practices such as:
- Continuous integration and automated testing, which allow teams to quickly and frequently integrate new code and test it for errors.
- Infrastructure as code, which allows teams to automate the provisioning and management of the software development environment.
- Refactoring, which allows teams to make changes to the codebase without affecting the functionality of the software.
- Pair programming, Mob programming, and other collaborative programming practices that allow teams to share knowledge and skills, and work together to solve problems and improve the codebase.

Agile Leadership

We provide a number of Agile-certified leaders that can run Agile delivery services across a range of disciplines. Our Agile delivery experts specialize in software development, test engineering, and Agile DevOps, as well as Scrum and program management.

Agile leadership is important in Agile teams because it helps to create a culture of collaboration, continuous improvement, and flexibility. It helps teams to deliver value to customers, respond to change, and fosters a sense of ownership and accountability among team members. Agile leadership is vital to creating a successful Agile organization, where teams are empowered to continuously improve and deliver value to customers in an efficient and sustainable way.

Delivery Management

We deliver high value solutions by steering teams into a continuous improvement approach to product development. We set clear and common goals to achieve outstanding results within budgets, with scalable and sustainable operations.

Agile delivery management enables teams to:
- Take an iterative approach to software delivery where software is built incrementally at the beginning of a project rather than ship it all at once upon completion
- A lean approach that streamlines and accelerates the delivery of projects
- Adjust workloads for team members based on business needs and project deadlines
- Manage, plan, and coordinate interrelated work in a way that emphasizes the delivery of value for teams
- Shift focus from plan-driven to value-driven project delivery

Are You Ready To Become Agile?

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We devise a process for each of our clients to ensure that our development services cover their business needs.

Implementing the Agile Methodology

How do we ensure a superior quality project delivery? With Agile methodology, we maintain a consistent feedback loop, reducing wasted resources and time, and guaranteeing client satisfaction. A standarad day in the project delivery team involves:


How Can You Leverage Us?


Agile delivery creates customer and business value faster. Our experts have delivered some of the best-in-class Agile programs.

  • Delivery Leadership Role - including product management and ownership, release management, and user experience management
  • Microservice Architectures
  • Digital Engineering Pods - these are our fully-formed Scrum delivery teams covering individual Agile delivery roles
  • Continuous Delivery Enablement - including DevOps tooling implementation and delivery pipeline automation
  • Agile Business Change - including business change strategy and continuous change management
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Agile Delivery

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