Get build pipeline status in real-time with Sentry for AEMaaCS
The Challenge
The Cloud Manager enables customers to manage their deployments to their AEM as a Cloud Service (AEMaaCS) environments with pipeline automation and flexibility of timing and frequency of deployment - this is great. But, the challenge is how to keep your entire team informed about deployment status without giving them access to Cloud Manager. Moreover, accessing build pipeline logs, status, and real-time updates is not efficient, often requiring logging into the Cloud Manager or using the command line tools.

Sharing real-time updates of deployment status and build pipeline with the entire team

Limiting access to Cloud Manager while providing ability to see deployment summaries

Providing access to build logs, code quality reports for everyone

Quick access to environments, past and current pipeline execution status and logs

Sentry for AEMaaCS

Make your build pipeline notifications accessible to everyone on the AEM team

Our Sentry for AEMaaCS leverages Adobe IO, Cloud Manager SDKs, Adobe Lambda and other modern techniques to stream Cloud Manager Build Pipeline events and details to your collaboration tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, or GChat in real-time, providing access to critical events, failures, and code quality logs to the entire team without requiring them to ever have to login to Cloud Manager.

Sentry - Illustration


Faster access to environments, logs, and reports


Real-time status notifications to entire team


Increase in productivity of your AEM Team


Increase in Ops team efficiency and ability to troubleshoot

Leverage automated real-time notifications for your AEM Cloud Manager pipeline and quickly get more done!


The Sentry framework makes real-time status of your Cloud Manager pipelines accessible for your entire team, including log files, code coverage summaries, and much more.

sentry-pipeline-status 1.png
sentry-build-log 1.png
sentry-environment-details 2.png
sentry-code-quality 1.png
sentry-summary 2.png

Enable your entire team

Provide automated and relevant information about your AEM Cloud Manager build pipelines

Immediate notifications of build pipeline status every step of the way

Download logs directly and take immediate action (no Cloud Manager access needed)

Quick Links to environments and Cloud Manager pipeline

Code coverage report - gain visibility if coverage drops

Status summary with timestamps

See it in action

Watch a 60 second demo

Custom demo

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