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The Challenge
Building a virtual conference site can be a complex and extensive project in itself, as it requires the creation of numerous advanced components. One significant challenge for businesses is incorporating personalization and guided experiences. Often, businesses find it difficult to deliver exclusive content that caters to the diverse interests of attendees. This poses a risk of reduced engagement and failure to meet user expectations. We have observed businesses experiencing setbacks due to the absence of an efficient framework that automates content creation, leading to delays and decreased efficiency.

Dynamic Components required for building an events section of a website can be challenging to define and build

Providing an easy to use intuitive experience for companies who regularly host virtual or in-person events

Incorporating personalized recommendations and a guided experience can be challenging

Integrations with RainFocus or other APIs require significant time and effort

Implementing multiple sort mechanisms; providing control of filter options; ordering; UI controls such as sliders, radio buttons or date ranges can be time consuming

EZ Conference for AEM Sites

Build immersive and personalized virtual events portfolio with AEM

The AEM EZ Conference is a comprehensive solution that efficiently manages conferences and virtual events for your organization. What sets EZ Conference apart is its personalized approach, which empowers attendees with customized content and interactive sessions, ensuring that every conference experience is truly tailored to their needs. The framework boasts advanced components that ensure flexibility, allowing you to customize components to meet your specific requirements. With a wide range of template layouts, our all-in-one solution empowers you to deliver optimized experiences to both first-timers and returning attendees. It offers full support to your speakers, from the beginning to the end of their conference sessions, and promotes them with bios and session information collected through the speaker portal.


Reduced effort and time to implement events on AEM

Plug & Play

Improved Author Experience


Customizable & Extensible


Advanced Components

Experience the power of EZ Conference: Optimize audience experiences, drive team results, and gain actionable insights throughout the conference lifecycle.


The EZ Conference simplifies conference management, no matter the size of your event. Through integrations with event marketing platforms like RainFocus, we can effortlessly synchronize session and speaker data from your event management platform to AEM, and beyond. Our all-in-one solution empowers you to create exceptional conference experiences to cohesive branding without the hassle.


Seamless Personalized Experience

With unique sign-in and sign-out options, attendees can enjoy tailored content and experiences, making each conference journey truly personalized.

Signed-in users can access exclusive content tailored to their interests and preferences.

Users will encounter distinct content options when not signed in, ensuring a customized conference journey from the moment they sign in.

Elevate attendees' experience with tailored styles and template layouts.


Leverage built-in Component Library

Discover a robust components library for effortlessly managing and showcasing conferences on your AEM-powered website.

Highlight your Thought Leaders on the captivating speaker page

8+ captivating components and templates to showcase conferences flawlessly

A collection of conference related properties for a comprehensive experience


Flexible and Easy-to-use

Simplify your workflow with our user-centric components, allowing for effortless customization and seamless expansion options

Customize your display with the powerful style system

Flexible, customizable, and modular filter components to suit your needs

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