Take control of your content migration projects with Fulcrum
The Challenge
Content Migration projects are complex and often painful to manage due to inadequate communication, emails, hall way conversations and the dreaded “Spreadsheet”.

The content migration spreadsheets are daunting to use, slow and error prone

How to communicate the migration plan with the team and developers

Making, recording and communicating decisions across teams and geographies

How to track progress - Definition phase, migration phase, qa phase

How to visualize the future, detect conflicting decisions, missed pages


A cloud based content migration planning tool

Fulcrum serves as the single source of truth for your content migration plan accessible by the business owners, developers, qa resources, seo team and project managers. It facilitates the process of content migration via a rich set of visualization, audit, and automation tools. A rules engine allows you to quickly specify patterns to transform old paths to new, while in-built crawlers quickly provide valuable insights about content, metadata, and page statuses. In addition, a robust API is available to feed your planning information directly to migration scripts enabling bi-directional view of migration status.


Faster Time to Market


Reduced Migration Costs

Smart Rules

use rules to map old to new


Use APIs instead of spreadsheets

Fulcrum can be thought of as a decision repository – the results of every meeting, every email, and every discussion can be recorded on Fulcrum so that everyone can collaborate simultaneously and seamlessly. Fulcrum displays the results of these decisions on easy to see and use displays.

See it in action

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Fulcrum offers an unparalleled set of features to facilitate planning and execution of content migration projects.


Audit & Planning Tools

Use a cloud based tool instead of spreadsheets

Organize URLs into groups

Define source and destination template types

Use rules to map old to new

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Rich Dashboards

A rich set of dashboards give you 10ft, 10,000ft, 30,000 ft view

View overall status of each phase of migration

View all url groups and their breakdowns

View page and mapping status of each url in group


Powerful Tools

Unique features to help you get ahead quickly

Visualize your sitemap and content heirarchy old + new side-by-side

Quickly see metadata of all pages, detect duplication

APIs allow developers to execute migrations based on decisions recorded and update status

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