Create Blogs using AEM Sites with BlogPlus in minutes!
The Challenge
A blog section is one of the most common requirements of a modern website. While there are a number of components available with WCM Core components, there isn’t a comprehensive blogging solution that exists out of the box with AEM anymore. Most companies generally undertake a 2-3 month project to even define the requirements, let alone implement the blog section of their site on AEM. Often many of the SEO requirements such as an open graph, social sharing, or dynamic features are not implemented due to tight timelines or quick and dirty implementations.

It can take a full 1-2 month project to define requirements, stories, prioritize and implement a comprehensive blog with AEM

Defining requirements for and implementing sortable, searchable, high performance and dynamic landing pages can be complex

Providing an easy to use intuitive experience for bloggers (who generally are not AEM experts) requires customizations

Overall the time, effort, and budget required to implement something as common as a Blog section can be significant


Create an advanced blog with AEM Sites in minutes

BlogPlus is a turnkey solution to launch a modern, feature-rich blog using AEM Sites. It provides an advanced collection of templates, components, and methods specifically designed to be intuitive, high performance, and flexible. The BlogPlus solution addresses the most common requirements of today’s modern blogs such as category pages, dynamic topic landing pages, author detail, and blog detail pages. With features such as querying blog posts by tags, author, category, date ranges or custom search criteria, multiple sort order support, and full-text search, it allows you to build a sophisticated and dynamic blog. Several additional capabilities include properties to manage SEO-related data such as open graph metadata and social sharing.

The framework is built on top of AEM WCM Core components and compatible with both AEM (6.3+) as well as AEM as a Cloud Service


Reduced effort and time to implement blogs on AEM


Improved blog authoring experience


Customizable and extensible


Advanced Components

Whether you are looking to migrate your existing blog to AEM or looking to create a new one, BlogPlus can get you there quickly!


The BlogPlus framework is a mature implementation of components that are plug-and-play, customizable, and extensible, addressing the most common requirements of modern blogs.


Advance Blogging Features

Our framework incorporates some of the most advance features such as:

Flexible Blog Detail Pages - use any component from your component library

Dynamic Topic Landing Pages (tag based)

Dynamic Author landing pages that show blogs by author

Advanced Filterable List Component - sort, pagination, custom date criteria


Flexible and Easy to Use

Our intuitive components are easy to use, easy to customize, and easy to extend.

Granular control over shown fields via Style System

Globally Controlled Blog Settings (can be overridden at page level)

Special Blog Metadata + Author Info Components

Multiple Pagination Styles

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