Jumpstart Your Local AEM Development Environments and Processes with Initialyze Spark
The Challenge
Setting up AEM infrastructure and development environments consistently across your entire dev team is one of the most common challenges we’ve seen across the 100’s of customers we’ve helped. Developers often run inconsistent local environments with different JDKs, service packs, patches, and content. The result -- countless hours wasted due to handholding, troubleshooting, downloading content and re-building instances. All these inefficiencies lead to inefficient teams, poor implementations, and ultimately poor experiences for internal business users as well as customers. We've often witness the following challenges

Arduous developer onboarding & local environment set-up - require handholding and support from leads and developers

Inconsistent environments - leads to hours spent troubleshooting phantom issues.

Front-end & QA leads not familiar with setting up AEM require even more hand-holding

Getting production content - no streamlined process for getting content locally or lower environments

Bugs and issues get discovered in higher environments

Initialyze Spark

A smart combination of CI/CD, DevOps and Automation Scripts for AEM

Initialyze Spark framework is a combination of AEM Development Processes, Docker Images (containers), Content Backfill/Backflow scripts, Methods, and CI/CD Scripts that allows us to streamline AEM development teams and their workflows. We get your teams up and running quickly with a high level of confidence with consistent environments that are always up-to-date with production in minutes. The framework also includes a set of practices for development and operations teams to work together to ensure faster delivery, improve quality, and reduce risk.

Spark - Illustration


Faster Developer Onboarding


Reduced new developer onboarding time


Increase in productivity of your AEM Team


Increase in developer efficiency and ability to deliver

Streamline your developer workflows and DevOps team with automated builds of your AEM docker images


The Spark Framework combines leading methods and technologies to streamline your AEM Development teams' workflow, enabling them to deliver new features quickly and efficiently.


Streamlined Local Development

Completely streamlined high performance local environments that can be created, destroyed, and rebuilt over and over again - in minutes.

One step to boot up high performance Local AEM Dev env. setup

Local Environment pre-loaded with latest code + content from prod

Independent containers for author, publish, and dispatcher

Consistent AEM Environments - Everyone using identical JDK, service packs, patches, and content


Flexible and Automatic

Completely automated DevOps for AEM customizable to support multiple tenants/brands and development teams as needed

Fast automated backfills from Prod to lower environments

Auto refresh & versioning of docker containers with latest code and content for developers

Support for multiple tenants/brand-specific containers with brand-specific code and content

See it in action

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