Initialyze did it again! Adobe Specialization: Adobe Experience Manager Sites

Jul 9th, 2020 | Mitali Zalavadia

We are incredibly excited to announce that Initialyze has achieved the Adobe Experience Manager Sites Specialization!

Initialyze has been an Adobe Solution Partner since 2015, building its reputation for implementation knowledge and AEM expertise through successful deployments for dozens of leading global brands, including Salesforce, Terumo, ServiceNow and others. Our AEM Initialyzer’s provide a ready to use library of components and templates for marketers enabling them to quickly build engaging experiences such as Blogs, Resource Centers, News Rooms and Events sections of their sites.

After receiving the notification from Adobe, founder Mihir Mange said:

“Initialyze is proud of it’s longstanding partnership with Adobe and we are excited about accomplishing this specialization. Our team has been building and delivering, solutions and services on top of Adobe Experience Manager for many years and are true leaders in the field. It’s nice to be validated by Adobe as the experts we already know we are!”

This validation continues to build Initialyze’s already-established solid reputation for its team of accomplished Experience Manager Architects, Developers, Web Producers and Quality Engineers. Just recently, Initialyze attained the AEM Sites Run and Operate Specialization.

About Initialyze

Initialyze brings efficiency and simplicity to the complexity of Adobe Experience Manager implementations. Using an optimized implementation process and a suite of ready to use Initialyzers, Initialyze delivers solutions that use the latest features of Experience Manager and enable marketers to quickly build experiences reducing their reliance on developers.

About Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager, is a comprehensive content management solution for building websites, mobile apps and forms. And it makes it easy to manage your marketing content and assets. Experience Manager Sites is a content management system within AEM that provides one place to create, manage and deliver digital experiences across websites, mobile sites, and on-site screens (like what you may see in retail stores or hotels). Sites gives you the functionality to personalize online experiences to make them more relevant and engaging.

Thanks Adobe!

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