Initialyze obtains the Adobe Experience Manager Run and Operate Specialization

Jun 3rd, 2021 | Faizan Thange

We feel honored to announce that Initialyze has obtained the Adobe Experience Manager Run and Operate Specialization! It is a prestigious accomplishment to qualify for the Adobe Experience Manager Run and Operate Specialization. To reach this level of competence, Adobe sets a high standard, and we’re delighted to be acknowledged as one of the highly skilled Adobe partners.

The Adobe Solution Partners who collaborate with an Adobe Experience Manager customer deployment after the project has reached the Run and Operate phase are awarded the Adobe Experience Manager Run and Operate Specialization. Often, as part of a managed services or outsourced arrangement, these partners will handle every aspect of the system’s operation for the customer.

_“Certification is not easy to obtain, but it is well worth the effort,” said CEO Mihir Mange. He added, “Within the Adobe Experience Cloud, we continue to build and enhance our capabilities. Obtaining the Run & Operate specialization demonstrates our dedication to the Adobe ecosystem, as well as our knowledge of Adobe Experience Manager’s life cycle from implementation through launch and further enhancements.“_

About Initialyze

Founded in 2015 in San Francisco, Initialyze specializes in providing software solutions and services to help world-leading brands deliver transformation digital brand experiences. Our expertise includes Digital Strategy, Technology Implementation, Analytics, and Marketing. Initialyze is well known for creating and delivering personalized, seamlessly integrated experiences for customers all around the world. Our professionals create top digital solutions driven by Adobe, personalized to our customer’s business needs, from strategy to design, development and support. We are an Adobe Experience Manager specialized team of professionals.

About Adobe Experience Cloud

Adobe Experience Cloud is the only end-to-end solution for experience creating, marketing, analytics, and commerce in the industry. It enables businesses to provide uniform, continuous, and compelling experiences to customers across all touchpoints and channels. Adobe has been named a leader in more than 20 major surveys focused on the experience than any other technology business, according to industry analysts. We leverage Adobe Experience Cloud solutions to help our clients provide amazing customer experiences.

About Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager is the premier content management system for building complex large-scale websites, mobile applications, and forms. It also makes managing your marketing content and assets a breeze.

Thank you Adobe for the recognition!

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