Initialyze obtains the Adobe Experience Manager Sites Specialization

Jun 8th, 2021 | Faizan Thange

We are delighted to announce that Initialyze Inc. has obtained the Adobe Experience Manager Sites Specialization. The Adobe Solution Partnership has been renewed, recognizing our expertise and strong references within the Adobe ecosystem.

_“We are glad to be a part of the Adobe Solutions Partner Program and to be rewarded with Sites Specialization,”_ said CEO Mihir Mange after we received the announcement from Adobe. He added, _“Our team has worked hard over the years to help our customers get the most out of the Adobe Experience Cloud Platform, and this specialization is a welcome recognition of our efforts. We are confident that our long-term collaboration and experience is one of our most significant competitive advantages.”_

Our team’s work and competency in the domain of digital solutions have been thoroughly organized by Adobe and the entire digital community as an Adobe Bronze Partner. Our Adobe Experience Manager professionals are thoroughly trained and certified in their fields of expertise, as evidenced by practical and industry-specific experience as well as regular updates. For many years, Initialyze has worked with Adobe products to create and build customer experience platforms, assisting clients in boosting engagement and establishing a strong digital presence.

About Initialyze

Founded in 2015 in San Francisco, Initialyze specializes in providing software solutions and services to help world-leading brands deliver transformational digital brand experiences. Our expertise includes Digital Strategy, Technology Implementation, Analytics, and Marketing. Initialyze is well known for creating and delivering personalized, seamlessly integrated experiences for customers all around the world. Our professionals create top digital solutions driven by Adobe, personalized to our customer’s business needs, from strategy to design, development and support. We are an Adobe-certified AEM specialized team of professionals.

About Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager is the premier content management system for building complex large-scale websites, mobile applications, and forms. It also makes managing your marketing content and assets a breeze. Experience Manager Sites is an Adobe Experience Manager content management system that allows you to design, manage, and deliver digital experiences across websites, mobile sites, and on-site screens all from one place. Sites allow you to customize online experiences to make them more relevant and engaging.

Thank you Adobe for the recognition!

Feel free to contact us to talk about what Adobe Experience Manager Sites can do for your business.