Major Announcements from Adobe Summit 2021

May 14th, 2021 | Faizan Thange

Adobe Summit 2021 was held virtually April 27-29, 2021. It was a grand virtual event that allowed everyone to experience more than 400 sessions and interact with inspiring leaders and speakers within the industry. Each day of the Summit was loaded with great content to help you and guide you to win in your industry by virtue of digital content. If you missed something and would like to be informed about the Summit, you can visit the Summit page and get the updates.

Mr. Shantanu Narayen, Adobe CEO, opened the keynote and shared the key takeaways from the Summit. He even highlighted some of their major key partnerships with the global brands and how Adobe is helping those businesses to excel. The keynote saw some of the great industry leaders and influential speakers who shared the industry insights and their experiences. Mr. Anil Chakravarthy, Adobe’s EVP, GM Digital Experience Business, shared his view by stating that, “The pandemic has shown that brands that put a laser focus on customer experience management come out in front.” He even announced some of the latest updates and features that the customers can expect from Adobe to roll out.

New Innovations within the Adobe Experience Cloud

Adobe made major announcements at the Adobe Summit 2021 and unveiled several new features for the Adobe Experience Cloud. The aim of these technologies is to put companies and their customers closer together. Getting closer to the customers and understanding them better will enable businesses to deliver best-in-class digital experiences. Below are the major announcements from Adobe Summit 2021:

1. Adobe Journey Optimizer

This enterprise application is built natively on Adobe Experience Manager for marketers to manage the end-to-end customer journey. This application has the capability of bringing together customer signals and intelligent analytics to deliver relevant personalized customer journeys.

2. Next Gen Adobe Real-time Customer Data Platform (CDP)

This platform is all set to be available for B2B as well as B2C interactions. Via first-party, data-driven customer acquisitions and interactions, this platform enables marketers to establish trusting relationships with consumers.

3. Customer Journey Analytics

This application will allow brands to incorporate and standardize both online and offline customer data, making it accessible to everyone (not just data scientists) for analysis. This will come with a new intelligent alert capability as well as mobile dashboards.

4. Record Marketing System

This serves as a central hub to manage cross-functional teams and their work through the marketing lifecycle, from strategy to execution to performance measurement.

5. New Features by Adobe Experience Manager

Headless content management system (CMS) capabilities that can deliver content as data over APIs is one of these new capabilities. It can also aid in the automation of content.
Experience Manager Assets Essentials is another new function that has become the default asset management functionality for all Experience Cloud applications.

6. New Features have been added to Adobe Commerce

Customers will get product reviews as well as recommendations and a live search of related results on the merchant’s website with these features.

Intelligent Visual Recommendations are a new feature of Adobe Commerce that displays visually identical items to those being browsed by customers for better personalization.

Live Search is new to Adobe Commerce. It is a Sensei-powered real-time search service that delivers quick and relevant search-as-you-type results that gets smarter over time thanks to AI and machine learning.

7. Adobe Experience Platform Collection Enterprise

To collect and deliver data to Adobe applications or any other device, this makes use of Adobe’s globally distributed edge network. Data collection SDKs also enable developers to ensure that their apps have the best possible user experience.
If you wish to have a look at the sessions, watch Adobe Summit 2021 on demand here.

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