Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends that will continue in 2022

Mar 21st, 2022 | Faizan Thange

The world of digital marketing is moving at the speed of light! Keeping up with all the moving parts can be a challenge as new approaches and technologies become more accessible. Marketers embraced digital transformation more than ever in the previous year as they transitioned to a virtual and hybrid business world. Whether you’re a marketer or a business trying to keep up with the latest trends in digital marketing, there’s always something new happening that affects your digital marketing strategy.

In 2021, we saw how quickly the marketing industry can evolve. We all know that what worked in the last few years may not work the same way in 2022. Let’s take a look at the top 5 digital marketing trends that will continue in 2022.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is the process of automating and executing marketing operations by utilizing software and web-based services. As technology continues to advance, marketing automation tools are becoming more and more popular. For many organizations, implementing a marketing automation solution has proven to be a wise decision, and we know this trend is here to stay for years to come. Marketing automation is a crucial component to saving your company time and money.

Regardless of the size of your organization or industry, incorporating marketing automation into your marketing plan will undoubtedly benefit your business by automating repetitive manual operations and increasing marketing efficiency. Your user is no longer willing to wait and will immediately switch to a competitor who is more suited to their needs. As organizations rush to offer personalized experiences for their users in the future, Marketing Automation will play a crucial part in business. In 2022, marketing automation will become more important for businesses as it allows marketers to spend more time on strategic tasks.

Mobile-First Marketing

With smartphones now accounting for the majority of our internet usage, more websites are being built with a mobile-first design. As a result, the requirement for mobile-friendly content is growing in order to rank higher in search engines.

Experts predict that by 2022, mobile-optimized emails will be even more popular. As more people use smartphones, experts predict that mobile-first design will become the norm. Mobile experiences are vital not only on brand websites but also in other important marketing efforts. Around 60% of email marketers are concentrating on providing subscribers with mobile email experiences.

In 2022, a responsive design for a company’s website and/or app will be crucial to ensure that customers with any device can access the content. The key to mobile-first marketing is to create a design that can scale to meet the smaller screen size on any mobile device.

Multichannel Marketing

Every year, new trends develop in the field of digital marketing. Traditionally, organizations would use only one or two marketing channels. However, the days of relying solely on websites and cold-calling are gone!

It is insufficient for businesses to concentrate solely on one channel. As a result, marketers have begun to communicate with customers through a variety of platforms. Businesses use a variety of platforms to promote themselves. Businesses may communicate with their customers across all of their preferred channels using a multichannel marketing strategy. Using numerous channels to communicate with customers has the potential to boost customer engagement. An integrated approach reaches considerably more clients, resulting in far more successful marketing initiatives. According to a Google study, more than 95% of Americans switch between devices on the same day. A multichannel marketing approach will be critical for businesses to build a strong consumer base in 2022.


By 2025, the global personalization software industry is estimated to reach $1.5 billion. According to Emarsys data, personalized communications keep two out of three clients loyal.

According to an Accenture study, around 75% of customers are more likely to buy from a brand that provides suggestions based on previous purchases. Businesses will have to go beyond age, gender, and location segmentation. Personalizing content will assist the brand in establishing an emotional bond with customers. Personalization allows each customer to have a unique experience. It has become one of the most effective tactics for increasing ad ROI and driving sales.

Personalization has been a feature of marketing strategies for years, but some people are still skeptical that it is worth the investment. Marketers will need to go one step further in 2022 and improve their personalization strategy.


When we think of Artificial Intelligence today, we might think of computers that can speak to us, such as Alexa or Siri. However, AI is actually working behind the scenes, simplifying our lives by automating routine chores.

The future of digital marketing is being shaped by Artificial Intelligence. The ability of AI to provide exciting new prospects in the digital marketing field will result in a more advanced marketing strategy. AI plays a key part in the success of a marketing campaign, from the planning stage to the conversion phase. Over 60% of marketers consider AI to be the most important component of their data strategy, and about 80% of early AI adopters have already seen moderate economic gains.

AI can not only automate basic activities, but it can also identify keywords to improve a company’s organic search ranking or even forecast what customers are likely to buy in the future based on their purchase history. In 2022, organizations should consider adopting AI in conjunction with other digital marketing techniques.

Bottom Line

These are the top 5 digital marketing trends that will continue in 2022 and might rule the digital space for years to come. It’s essential to be informed of upcoming trends so your business can prepare for them and stay ahead of the competition.

The way marketers interact with their customers will alter dramatically by 2023. Even though we don’t know what impact it will have, one thing is certain: customers will continue to become more demanding, which is why it’s necessary to begin experimenting with various marketing approaches.

While these changes may take some time to adjust to, following these trends is the most effective method to accelerate growth. This year, you don’t have to revamp your digital strategy alone. We’re here to assist you in achieving all of your digital objectives. Connect with us to learn how we can help.