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A scalable platform for Salesforce's Digital Marketing team built using Adobe AEM


The Ask

All of Salesforce's digital web properties needed to be migrated from an existing Content Management System (CMS) to the newly selected Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). The digital marketing team had envisioned implementing a highly scalable marketing platform that leveraged a scalable and re-usable component library, automated infrastructure provisioning, and continuous delivery methods.

Initialyze was selected to provide technical leadership and implementation services across several areas including AEM development, DevOps, Quality Engineering, program management, analytics, and data and marketing automation.

What We Did

The Initialyze team of highly skilled AEM developers architected and implemented a scalable digital marketing platform using AEM with multiple integrations, support for multiple sites, locales, business groups, digital asset management, workflows, taxonomy, personalization, and more. The platform was the foundation for,, as well as the Dreamforce event sites consecutively for 4 years!

We defined, implemented, and standardized many processes across the marketing technology teams such as the Salesforce development, deployment, and release processes to name a few. We implemented smart CI/CD pipelines to deploy code and, automated infrastructure provisioning to address local developer environments and multi-stage high-availability environments, as well as automated backup and content backfill processes.

Overall the Initialyze team acted as a trusted advisor and provided technical leadership, consulting, training, development support, QA, project management, and web production support to the Salesforce Digital Marketing team on various projects ensuring their success.


  • Digital Strategy
  • Content & Experience (AEM)
  • Quality Engineering
  • Technology Strategy
  • DevOps
  • Analytics & Performance
  • Documentation & Training


  • Adobe Experience Manager
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Adobe Target & Optimizely
  • Chef, Docker
  • Google Marketing Cloud
  • Salesforce DMP
  • Jenkins
  • Claytablet, Lionbridge
  • OneTrust
  • Vidyard
  • Selenium, Robot Framework, Functionize
  • Akamai

Initiayze played a vital role in our digital transformation, enabling successful website launches in over 26 languages.
Initialyze played a vital role in our digital transformation by helping us architect a cutting-edge platform that empowered us to successfully launch multiple websites in over 26 languages. They provided comprehensive training and guidance for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and supported us in setting up CI/CD pipelines and implementing DevOps practices. Their engineering, project management, product management, and quality assurance expertise extended beyond AEM, enabling our engineering team to excel in achieving our digital goals.
Abhishek Naik
Director, Digital Transformation & Engineering

The Impact

5 sites, 26 locales

launched in ~1.5 years


Components Delivered


Pages migrated


Successful automatic releases/year


increase in pagespeed


Developers, Marketers, QA’s trained & supported


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