Initialyze & Functionize Partnership

Let's combine the power of human insights and AI-Powered Testing solutions to speed up product releases and reduce testing time and cost. As Functionize partners, we have access to Platform Documentation, Tutorials and Technical Artifacts, as well as Technical Training and ongoing technical support.

We understand that speed and flexibility play a vital role for organizations to stay ahead. As Functionize partners, we can leverage the first autonomous cloud-based testing platform that incorporates AI and machine learning technologies to automate the painstaking software testing process.


Why Choose Functionize?

Faster turnaround time
Speed up your testing with an AI-powered testing solution that completes a cycle of testing within record time.
Better accuracy
Automation testing is more accurate since computer-based testing eliminates the possibility of error.
Testing at scale
Large-scale testing can be efficiently carried out with ease using automation testing.
Automation Testing saves time and money
With automation testing, running repetitive tests can be done in a matter of hours rather than days.
Initialyze + Functionize
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We can combine the power of human insights and AI-based technologies

As a leading partner of Functionize, we enable technologists and marketers to leverage the power of Functionize's AI-Powered testing platform and enable them to speed up go-to-market by radically transforming test creation and maintenance in a CI/CD environment.

We can customize test cases to reduce turnaround time

We understand there's no one-size fits all solutions when it comes to software testing. In order to provide you with the proper framework for rebuilding your regression suite, our team of professionals will assist you in creating a few sample tests.

We can manage your quality testing

We are a group of professionals who can design, manage, and execute tests for you. By seamlessly integrating with CI/CD, we eliminate the need for your team to handle testing infrastructure, improving software quality throughout production.

We provide training and enablement

Our focus is always on providing you with the most innovative and efficient technology solutions. In addition to working with you to help you reach your goals, our experts will train your team with the finest automation practices.

Let’s Work Together

Speed up your product releases with the first autonomous cloud-based testing platform.

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