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What good is the data if not put to use by turning the raw information into useful and actionable insights? Our mavens with their vast industry know-how, advanced analytics capabilities, and skills embed analytical decision-making into key organizational processes to maximize its value.

Data Analysis and Insights

Data is really only valuable if you can translate it into actionable insights. We do not believe in measuring everything as it only leads to data pile-up problem. Instead, we will help you tell meaningful stories with data by measuring the right things.

A/B Testing Frameworks

Traffic is absolutely worthless if it doesn’t convert. Half the time, the guess works or the gut feelings we implement in business results in random visitors with no real intention of converting. Therefore, having a proper A/B testing framework in place is very important to provide a solid ground for your hypothesis.

Custom Dashboards

While a default dashboard view may be enough but we understand not all businesses are the same. The uniqueness of each business needs unique custom dashboards to give an overview of the dimensions and metrics that your company care about the most.

Analytics Platforms - Adobe, Google, Optimizely

The world of business intelligence comes with a wide variety of options and so does the analytics platforms. Based on your organizations need for freedom to customize, versatility and cost among other things, we recommend analytics platforms that helps with analyzing screenflows, heatmaps, user engagement, retention, acquisition and behaviour and the likes.


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