Showcase your resources with Adaptor for AEM Sites
The Challenge
Building a resources section using AEM Sites can be a complex and large project on its own. It requires building out a number of advanced components to satisfy requirements such as filtering, sorting, search, detail pages, support for different resource types such as whitepapers, case studies. Moreover mixing content from your DAM or Assets and pages in the same results can be even more complex. We've seen many marketing team experience these common challenges:

Dynamic Components required for building a resources section of a website can be challenging to define and build

Showcasing your assets from the DAM as well as pages in the results requires significant development effort

Poorly architected List components with basic filtering and search are hard to author & maintain

Supporting multiple types of content such as DAM assets, articles, whitepapers, case-studies, and press releases

Implementing multiple sort mechanisms; providing control of filter options; ordering; UI controls such as sliders, radio buttons or date ranges can be time consuming

Adaptor for AEM Sites

Build a Sophisticated Resource Center experience using AEM Sites

The AEM Adaptor Framework is a collection of templates and components that can be leveraged to build a full-fledged Resources section of an AEM Site to showcase content such as Articles, Press Releases, Whitepapers, Case Studies, and more. The framework supports advanced features such as sorting, filtering, search, and a variety of display variations. The Resource Center can retrieve and display assets from the DAM as well as pages at the same time. While the Adaptor solution is already flexible enough to support the majority of use cases, it is also highly customizable and extensible to suit your specific needs. With our deep expertise in architecting and implementing AEM components, the Adaptor framework encapsulates the leading best practices and modern methods for making it intuitive for Authors to build and manage the Resource section of your website using AEM.


Reduced effort and time to build resource sections on AEM


Improved Author Experience


Customizable & Extensible


Advanced Components

Why start from zero? Leverage Adaptor for AEM Sites to launch a modern and adaptive Resources section on your website now!


The Adaptor framework addresses the most common requirements for Resource Centers such as support for advanced sorting and advanced filtering capabilities, search, custom taxonomy, multiple content types, and much more.

image 106.png
image 105.png
image 107.png

Modern Resource Center Showcase

A powerful library of templates and collection to build feature-packed resources section of your website using AEM

A sortable, filterable, searchable, pageable view to your entire events library

8+ Components and Templates to build Resource sections

Mixed content support: Assets from DAM & Pages in same results list, article, case studies, and whitepapers

image 108.png
image 109.png
image 110.png
Screen Shot 2023-01-18 at 4.06 1.png

Adaptive and Easy to use

Our intuitive components are easy to use, customize and extend

Drag-and-drop control over layout of the entire listing page

Customizable and modular filter type components

Control what’s displayed using Style System

Advance Filtering Components - Date Filter, Tags Filter, Property Filter, Hidden Filters with different UI options such as radio, slider, drop-down

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