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Initialyze is a Specialized Adobe Solutions Partner with over a decade of experience helping businesses unlock the full potential of the Adobe Stack. Our team of experts delivers and implements solutions across Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Sites, Assets, Adobe Campaign, Adobe Experience Cloud, Adobe Target, Adobe Experience Platform (AEP), Customer Journey Analytics (CJA), and more.


Our Adobe Solutions


AEM Initialyzer is a true Low- to No-Code solution for Adobe AEM which enables marketing teams to build and deliver compelling experiences efficiently and quickly with little to no developer interaction.


EZEvents for AEM Sites

The EZ Events is a collection of templates and components that can be used to quickly and easily build an events calendar on your website. It supports advanced features such as sorting, filtering, upcoming events, and past events.


BlogPlus for AEM Sites

A mature library of templates and components specifically tailored to build an advanced blog section on your AEM Site including detail pages, category landing, dynamic topic pages, author details, search, sort and filtering functionality and more...


Adaptor for AEM Sites

“Adaptor” is a collection of templates and components that can be leveraged to build a full-fledged Resources section of a website to showcase content such as Articles, Press Releases, Whitep


Spark for AEM

Spark is a collection of leading edge DevOps tools, Container recipes, infrastructure automation, CI/CD & Content Backfill scripts and processes for AEM.



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